APLUS CAPITAL assists you in building a healthy Equity portfolio. Trading or investing in the Indian Stock Market in the correct equity at the correct time is quite challenging. We make this task simpler for you by keeping an eagle eye on the price fluctuations of the Share Market and thus on the equity you might be interested in trading or investing. Our dedicated team of trade strategists and investment planners prudently study NSE Share Market, Nifty Levels and Nifty Trends in an attempt to make the Indian Stock Market easy for you to understand. Based on day-to-day Indian Stock Market News, Nifty Chart Analysis we summarize and prepare our own Nifty Technical Analysis charts so that it speaks volumes about the Indian Share Market and channelizes your movement in the right direction.

How APLUS CAPITAL Aims to Guide You?
  • Our Close Monitoring of the Indian Stock Market Will Help You Make Better Traders/Investors.
  • Reduces Speculation in Minds of Both Traders and Investors.
  • Correct Equity Selection Minimizes Losses for Traders as well as Investors.
  • Maximizes Profits of Traders/Investors.
  • Accurate Decisions Build Long-lasting Confidence in Traders and Investors.
Other Broking facilities that give us an edge over our competitors:
  • Hassle free Demat A/C Opening for our Clients.
  • Live Terminal for Trading or Investing.
  • Dematerialization of Shares.
  • Placing Orders on Client’s Behalf. 
  • Research Facilities for Our Premium Clients.